Thursday, May 24, 2007

May MBOY teaser

I really do enjoy doing this yarn swap on MDC. And despite the upheaval of a cross country move I am still full on participating! So without further teaser

True sign of a yarn addict

We packed up our house last week to move from CT to WA. I however couldn't allow anyone to touch my yarn stash, or bear for it to be packed away in a moving box and put in storage for who knows how long. So I packed it up in a huge bag, tossed in some cedar blocks and put it in the passenger seat of my truck to ride along beside me! Here is a small taste of my stash, most of it is on the other side.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My April yarn from swap

I really love doing these yarn swaps on MDC and will miss doing it in June. But here is what I received this month. Moda Dea yarn hand painted with kool-aid, size 5 DPN, several chai teas *yum* some bath salts, a handmade case for my darning needles and stitch markers, and the cutest stuffed peeps toy that Rhiannon promptly acquired as her own.

Pictures of Recent work!

I have been busy and forgetting to post. So here is the finished felted Noro Kureyon bag I sent in last months ball swap--unfelted then felted

Here is my very first WarmHeartWoolies soaker. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first as my fingers cramped a lot on the flat sections but the fact that there is practically no finishing and best yet no picking up stitches, it was awesome~! I used irish baby knits merino, so yummy and soft.

My first pair of grown up socks, not the ones I originally blogged about, those both got frogged *sigh* but these are nice. I did ankle socks which isn't normally what I like, in undyed blackberry ridge merino. I may dye them eventually. And man is it hard to take pics of socks on your own feet!

And then my 2 girls, Rory in her Nakiska, which is great for keeping her dreads out of her face, and Rhiannon in Piggle, both from