Friday, April 13, 2007

Teaser for April's yarn swap

This is just a teaser to what I put all the goodies in :o)

Some things I have been working on :)

I have been so busy the last few weeks! I knit a HUGE bowl and felted it to fit around a plant vase for my dad's SOs birthday. That bowl took forver to knit, the yarn was a bit scratchy but it felts so nicely.

Then i have been working on a spiral blanket for my friend Amber's nicu preemie. It's made from MCY superwash merino sock yarn. I love this yarn so much I foresee buying much much more in the future for socks!

I did another project too but it's a secret and partly will be revealed in my next post as a teaser for the April magic ball of yarn swap.

I knit up a panta today for my DD Rory who is in the process of dreading her hair and needed something to help hold them back. I am about to cast on Piggle from knitty for her as well.

I knit an adorable ribbed bag for myself, I just need to put the handles on it and sew in the fabric before i snap a picture.

And finally I am designing a pleated skirt in the round for Rhiannon. I'm not sure my idea will turn out how I want it but I'll never know if I don't get my fingers to work on that project.

OH! And I forgot I have 2 socks for ME OTN. One is a crazy cable pair with yarn from Annie in Canada from my first yarn ball swap. The other is a black rainbow sock dyed by midnight spectrum (she is on and I am using an altered version of a magknits pattern called shimmer.

Ok ok enough with the chat here are some pics ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sam's Capri's

Jackson's mama wanted a pair of capri's for Jax's older sister Sam. She picked the best yarn, I am having a very hard time folding these up, putting them in an envelope and shipping them off LOL. Mosaic Moon kettle dyed Targhee is like, it's better than cashmere IMO. I tried a different crotch style, instead of kitchener grafting I did a 3 needle bind off. Aside from the seam inside it looks nearly identical to the kitchener on the outside of the pants, plus required much less thought to what i was doing, which in a houseful of 5 kids, doing kitchener can be harry at the best of times. I made the bottom look to be bellbottoms and added a crocheted picot trim and sweet lil ribbon accents for both the drawstring on the waist and on the bottom of the legs. I do home my friend likes these, ok who am I kidding, who wouldn't kill for these pants? They RAWK!

Take a shot and jump in the pond...

I just recently jumped in to sock knitting, seeing as how I joined Socks That Rock. But I have been too scared to start those socks and potentially ruin some very gorgeous yarn. This weekend I got the itch, said what the hell, and knit 1 perfect pink sock. I only had the yarn enough for one and my sweet 2yo snatched up and proclaimed it hers. Which led to me grabbing more yarn and in 3-4 hours having her a matching pair of socks, which she loves!

So knowing I could do it and trying 2 different techniques out on those 3 socks (toe up, short row heel and top down heel flap) I felt confident I could do ANYTHING!

Being that I had gotten the most incredible black rainbow handpainted sock yarn a few days ago (with some matching black yarn for toes/heels) I swatched. I never swatch but I didn't ant any mistakes on these socks.

After endless searching I found the pattern for this yarn. Shimmer Socks would be great! I followed the directions, thinking from the moment I cast on that this was going to be too big for my foot. But I knit on. I ended up with a toe cap that was 3 inches+ long and at least an inch too wide, but still I knit on into the pattern for the foot. After 3 row repeats I tried it on and nearly cried. It would never fit me! Maybe a man with wide feet but not me :(

I looked at my husband, tears in my eyes and said plainly "I need a shot of tequila" as I slowly, carefully stitch by stitch, ripped out my days worth of knitting. I sat there just looking at the curly pile of yarn, Tequila burning in my stomach. Heaved a deep sigh......and cast on again. My way (crazy 8 CO) to what I felt would be a more reasonable size for me. Now to decide if I try to flub the pattern to fit me or do a regular ol stockinette sock. The yarn is so gorgeous it really does all of the work. The pattern was really just to keep me interested.

I think I'll wait until tommorow to decide.