Saturday, January 20, 2007

Current projects

I have 2 pairs of longies on the needles, one for a FIN and one for a trade. I'm struggling with the FIN's since the yarn she sent is so thick with lanolin it's sticking to my fingers and needles. But I am loving on the one for trade. Its 100purewool (from ebay) and it's just so soft and smooth. One of my favorite yarns to knit with.

I have plans to make my 9yo a hat. I had made him one but it turned out a little too bag so I frogged the entire hat and need to redo it. Especially now that winter has finally set in. I also want to make all of the kids and myself "brown bag" on I have plans for a pair of socks for me and my sister, a sweater/cardi for the 2 girls, the spiral sweater on for myself and possibly a scarf for dh. Yeah that will all get done by next winter lol

That was a bust

I totally forgot to take pictures of my grandpa's scarf so I am going to have to knit up a swatch just to show how lovely it was.

I gave it to him last Friday, he didn't even take it out of the gift bag :( He looked happy to get something he could wear but his body language spoke differently. I wish I had spent that time knitting for my kids, or FIN's or my dh instead of someone who seemed to not appreciate something I thought he would totally love and appreciate. So much for that.

Monday, January 1, 2007

A dinosaur for Xander

Last year my youngest son wanted me to knit him a dinosaur for his birthday. I knit the body and one leg before I bored and put it down, never to pick it up again. This year he asked me to finish the dinosaur. Instead of completing the original one I started all over again, this time with an acrylic so it could be washed (I originally was using fishermans wool) when it got dirty.

He loves his new dino and now wants the other two in the series. I don't remember where I got the pattern but it's titled as extreme knitting.

Here is his finished long neck Xanders Dino


After all of the knitting projects I have currently OTN I needed some instant gratification quick knitting, and I wanted it to be for me. I had stumbled upon this awesome cabled headband/ear warmer on Knitty. I had alrady had plans for making myself a Panta or a Calorimetry but as I have found a new love of cable-ing this was the project for me. Pattern can be seen here NAKISKA

It took me about 2.5 hours last night to make it. Here it is on me. Sorry for the blurry pic, self portrait at 4 am in a semi dark room doesn't always turn out so well!

I used Lion brands cashmere blend yarn on size 6 needles, and did the adult s/m size. My head circ measures at 21", the pattern size made a 17" circumference. My finished project is 17" unstretched, I hit it right on which usually never happens for me even when I get gauge.