Monday, February 26, 2007

Magic Ball of Yarn

This is my second month participating in the MDC magic yarn ball swap. I love doing this as you just never know what you will get. Last month I got custom spun and dyed sock yarn that I am still afraid to knit up. Well that and I don't have DPN's small enough yet. My LYS has weird hours that don't always jive well with my schedule. But anyways on to this months swap.

I got a huge box brought right up to my door today. I really didn't think it could possibly be my yarn, but since I haven't ordered anything I knew it had to be. I ripped into the box like a kid on Christmas morning. I giggled with delight upon opening the box. And then really chuckled as I recognized the "waste" yarn used to wrap my goodies. I had just been knitting with it a few weeks ago, attempting to make a beach bag that I gave up on.

I read the note and knew exactly who my swappee was. And began unwinding the waste yarn. Out came a keychain card of yarn weights, great for a quik reference, a needle sizer perfect for someone like me who always forgets to put their needles back in their case, a yummy chocolate bar, a bag of coffee that I can't wait to drink, a knitting rules book (and lets be honest I never follow the rules so this book is on my must start reading now list lol I cant wait to read a good knitting book!!), and last but so not least this lovely oh so soft rainbow jewel toned mohair/wool/nylon yarn. I haven't yet decided what to knit with it. I know it will speak to me soon and tell me what it wants to be. Until then I am going to pet it everyday. Thank you Alaska :D

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