Friday, June 29, 2007

In Washington and lovin it!

I have been in Wa officially 2 weeks now. I am staying with a friend (who does not get my addiction to yarn in the mail lol) so I can't upload any pictures. However I can tell you of my ongoing projects and FO's :)

So I finally finished my blak rainbow socks and man do I love them. I did have to tweak them bot and increase a few st at the ribbing section, otherwise those puppies were not going on my feet. Guess that happens when you make the socks to fit nice and snug and your foot is more narrow than your calf. I am now on sock #2 of Rhiannons black rainbow socks. It could be done in 2 hours if I could just sit and knit them.

As for #2 socks I am on the foot finally of Xanders second RPM. I have 3 more pattern repeats and then the toe, could be done tonight or tomorow if I just sit and knit.

And lil sis #2 anklet has been put on stitch holders so i could use those circs for Xanders rpm. I do think since I only have a few inches left again would only take me anhour or two to complete but they are going to be mine as I don't feel the pink is the right pink for her, so I purchased pre-dyed yarn in a soft candy pink and white. I am sure I can not only get her anklets but both of the girls a pair of socks as well.

I have grand plans to knit a pair of knucks for my badass biker chick realtor who has been super wonderful in my house hunting/buying adventures. And possibly a hat for my bald loan officer.

And after all of that I will be making the happy in hemp skirts from summer issue of knitty for both girls. Yarn and needles have already arrived which are of course driving me crazy because I want to knit them RIGHT. NOW.

But of course DD1 wants a cute knit pink purse like moms cool knitted purse. And I have still managed to be in the magic BoY swaps so I now have a nice skein of banana silk yarn and patons sws yarn that are itching to be knit right away. I do often wish I had 6 arms so I could be knitting more efficiently LOL

When I am in my own home with my computer I will upload a ton of pics from my adventures in travel knitting and dying and swapping!

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Tuan's Princess said...

Hey girl! Thanks for swinging by our neck of the woods on our way. It was so great to meet you!

What a funny mental pic of you knitting with 6 arms! lol