Friday, September 21, 2007

A How to tutorial

After having completed Rhiannon's Hip in Hemp I have been dreading doing much with Rory's as I detest weaving in ends, and boy are there a LOT of ends to weave in. And because of the way the pattern is, once you got to the eyelet row increases it was nearly impossible to hide the ends when weaving them in.

So I decided to change the row in which I started the inc/decrease pattern section to give myself a bit more space for better weaving but thought there had to be a better way.

And so it came to be that this past week a fellow craftster posted a blog (sock pron) in which she shows how to weave in ends while still knitting. The catch was it was written for an english knitter, to which I am not, and for a flat piece for which Hip in Hemp is not. And this lead me to coming up with my own method that I am happy with and have been testing merrily on other projects. So perhaps now I'll finish Rory's skirt!

On with the tutorial!

When you reach the beginning of your round, drop the working yarn and pick up the new yarn, knit the first stitch as normal

Now take the old yarn and toss over your new working yarn

wrap the old yarn around new yarn thusly, holding it nice and snug

Now knit your second stitch, being sure to keep the wrapped yarn nice and snug

Continue tossing, wrapping and knitting until you feel you have secured the end, I go about 2 inches.

You can repeat this in the next row wrapping the end of your current yarn around the working end of the yarn as you did previously to secure it. The backside will look like this (though please ignore the thick weave as I thought I would try weaving both ends in at the same time, which obviously did not work! however you should be able to see the deep rose woven with the sage, and then the sage woven with the light rose)

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