Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Double licious! I finished Rhiannons black rainbow socks to kinda match my black rainbow socks (yes yes pictures will be forthcoming!). I tried out a different heel, I did a k2p2 ribbed short row heel. I like that it fits her snuggly as he ankle/heel is pretty narrow, however I didn't give the heel enough length so they pull down a little on her. She loves them though and it was an experiment!

I still have the heel and ankle to do on the footie sock that was going to be my sisters, now they are going to be mine and I bought a pretty pink yarn more suited to her style. But those will have to wait as I currently have a hip in hemp (knitty.com) OTN for Rhi and soon Rory, plus I have about 1-2 weeks to knit a pair of knucks for my realtor who is a bad ass bike chick and been so great with our huse buying.

Once I have my computer look for a picture loaded blog!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Knitting, drinking, and fireworks, what could be better??? I sat outside with my kids, knitting in one hand and a coconut pina colada in the other while fireworks boomed overhead. It was a great night and while we celebrated the US's independance, I also celebrated the completion of Xander's RPM socks. Yet somehow I managed to make the second one tighter on the calf and longer on the foot than the original. Not sure how so looks like I may have to trudge thru yet 1 more at least, 2 if I am feeling suicidal and want to have the odd sock a match to donate. I think I am going to work on something else for awhile though. RPM is easy and the first sock was quik but after that I was BORED. Now is the time to learn the 2 socks on 2 circs to avoid this SSS nonsense.