Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Double licious! I finished Rhiannons black rainbow socks to kinda match my black rainbow socks (yes yes pictures will be forthcoming!). I tried out a different heel, I did a k2p2 ribbed short row heel. I like that it fits her snuggly as he ankle/heel is pretty narrow, however I didn't give the heel enough length so they pull down a little on her. She loves them though and it was an experiment!

I still have the heel and ankle to do on the footie sock that was going to be my sisters, now they are going to be mine and I bought a pretty pink yarn more suited to her style. But those will have to wait as I currently have a hip in hemp (knitty.com) OTN for Rhi and soon Rory, plus I have about 1-2 weeks to knit a pair of knucks for my realtor who is a bad ass bike chick and been so great with our huse buying.

Once I have my computer look for a picture loaded blog!


Indigo said...

Okay that is it... LOL

I will have to perfect the garter stitch or ribbed short row heel.

I am glad you are settling in!

Milkymommi said...

I can't wait to see what those damn sicks look like now that they're BOTH done!! LOL I too need to learn that short row heel... I remember doing it with you but I of course can't for the LIFE of me remember how to duplicate what you showed me now... that's me, right?

Milkymommi said...

I meant SOCKS not SICKS LOL Although it does work... this obsession is a bit of a "sickness" in the eyes of some. Is it knot? I mean, not? ;-)

Tribe said...

LOL Kris you crack me up!!! I'll try and post some directions for it maybe someday ;)

Aimee I need your sock pattern! I want to make that for Rory, think I can do 2 on 2 circs? I need to work some more on the ribbed short row heel, maybe unwrapping the wrapped stitches rather than doing the double wrap and knitting the wrap with the sitch. I haven't seen any other socks with this heel so I am flying blind.