Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Updates and such

Who has time to blog these days with knitting, home schooling, and of course the wonder that is Ravelry! I have been working tirelessly on several pairs of socks. I really need to learn how to be a monogamous knitter, might save my sanity. Nah I doubt it. I currently have OTN 4 airs of socks--1 monkey by cookie a, 1 jaywalker by grumperina, the mate to gothic spire by cookie a and then the mate for jacobean for the SKP2008 (sock knitters pentatholon in honor of the summer olympics). I need to finish the mates to my anne diamond knee socks, my twisted oval socks and rhiannons mingus sock. And I have been working on some more felting projects so I have a mini bowl otn and a square bowl otn. Yay Im a bit cuh-raz-zzzy!! To top it off I just got the yarn in for a starsky sweater I have been wanting to knit forever.

To aid my addictions I have joined 2 clubs. One is the seven deadly s(p)ins club based obviously on the seven deadly sins. Every other month we'll get a yarn pattern and goodies to match a sin FUN!!! And I am also in the woolgirl sock club so on the months I don' get a spin shipment I'll get a new sock yarn and pattern.

Oh but it doesn't end there oh no! I am in sock knitter anon on Rav that enourages me to flex my knitting skills and make lots of socks every month and I'm a mod in a sock kal board also on rav and of course the skp2008.

And somehow I still manage to school the kids, keep the house clean, cook dinner, care for a new puppy and even get 8 hours of sleep a night. I must be supermom ;)

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razorknitgirl said...

I envy your ability to knit so much AND get everything done. The laundry mountain has it's own goats now..LOL.