Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Magnolia Gardens, Charleston SC

We have been on vacation for 1 week now and enjoying every minute of bright sunshine down here in good ol South Carolina. There really is nothing like the fresh air and constant sun like it is here in Charleston. It never ceases to amaze me just how much brighter and clearer everything is here.

We've done a few things here and there this past week but today was a big day for us. One of the owners of Magnolia Gardens, Drayton Hastie, visited my dad's art gallery (East Bay Garden Gallery, just north of the Battery) a few weeks back. He fell in love with my dad's style and invited him to photograph the plantation and paint it in pictures for their gift shop. Today we did just that, so here are a few highlights from our trip, sorry I can't reveal all as they may very well be painted and hanging in the gallery soon ;-)

Mr Egret standing guard near the famous bridge

random bench surrounded by azelia's which grow abundantly in these parts

this mysterious lady was hidden off the beaten path, such a shame as she is stunning!

The man on the left with the young girl is my father, the artist Hampton Brand and my daughter Rory, they are watching an alligator float along the water.

my curious Pixie transfixed on yet another alligator

one of the many ponds on the Plantation

all of the kids taking a break from all of the walking

the petting zoo was one of the kids favorite spots

this guy really loved my gal!

this is the back of the plantation home, the front faces the Ashley River and is near impossible to get a picture of

this bridge has been painted and photographed by many artists

I just love this photo

another of the kids, just having fun

After a long day I am ready to go sit down, watch Dancing with the Stars and knit with my Wollmeise :D

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Anonymous said...

I'm so homesick. Your pictures are beautiful.