Saturday, January 20, 2007

Current projects

I have 2 pairs of longies on the needles, one for a FIN and one for a trade. I'm struggling with the FIN's since the yarn she sent is so thick with lanolin it's sticking to my fingers and needles. But I am loving on the one for trade. Its 100purewool (from ebay) and it's just so soft and smooth. One of my favorite yarns to knit with.

I have plans to make my 9yo a hat. I had made him one but it turned out a little too bag so I frogged the entire hat and need to redo it. Especially now that winter has finally set in. I also want to make all of the kids and myself "brown bag" on I have plans for a pair of socks for me and my sister, a sweater/cardi for the 2 girls, the spiral sweater on for myself and possibly a scarf for dh. Yeah that will all get done by next winter lol

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