Saturday, March 3, 2007

Rockin' Sock Club!

I'm a freshman this year in what is known as the rockin sock club, enabled by the wonderful ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I got my first kit in the mail yesterday and really had to restrain myself from ripping open the box and digging in to its contents. Especially as I still have one more pare of longies to knit before my hands are free. But I digress...

I couldn't hold out any longer and opened my pkg. Wowwee is all i can say. The yarn is nice, very soft, squishy and springy. I live the little emergency sock yarn keychain. The pin, the sticker. And a binder to hold all of my new patterns that will be arriving every 2 mths. I have never knit a sock before so this will be a my new years challenge. I can't wait to start! I already did my gauge swatch tho it looks as if I may need to drop down to a size 0 or even 00 to knit as I am still about .5 st off in my guage on size 1's. Ouch! They are so tiny I am afraid I might break them :/

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