Saturday, March 10, 2007

SKB--day two

Another day stuck in bed sick leaves time for much progress! One thing I have learned however is that lace probably shouldn't be knit while sick and breastfeeding lol I made a few oops that aren't really noticeable except to me of course. I am working on my 3rd waist increase now but wanted to try it on to see if I need all 5 increases. As it turns out 3 is all I need so after this will just be boring rows of stockinette until I get to the hem.

Changes I made, I left off the purl ridges and instead did 4 rows of seed stitch before and after the lace portion. 3 waits increases instead of. I'll also do the seed stitch for the hem and arm cuffs. The sleeves are already at the length I want so I am skipping the lace on the sleeves and just going straight in to the cuff. I think I should be done tommorow or Monday.

This is the largest project O have knit but by far one of the fastest. And it lives up to its name, it is indeed very simple :)

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