Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pics as promised!

Being offline for a month and all that jazz really put a crimp in putting up pi s of finished projects, and I know I am missing some pics that got uploaded at my dads house, so they will be posted when I get them :p

Xander in his RPM sock from Knitty, knit in socks that rocks monsoon colorway, they were my first STR yarn for the sock club but I decided Xander would love camo socks and get more use from them than I so he was bestowed these.

This is Kona superwash I koolaid dyed in self striping pattern to knit my sister some socks as a birthday gift. While I loved the colors I quikly realized it was not her style in colors and so the socks have just the ribbing on the last cuff to be completed and I am keeping them for me ;) lol

My black rainbow socks (dyed by midnight spectrum on hyenacart)I used the shimmer sock pattern on magknits but altered it to fit my narrow foot and made the cuff shorter, which left me enough yarn to make my 2yo DD a pair, which I have yet to get a picture of.

This was my June big mboy from I know exactly what I plan to do with my banana silk fiber yarn, a crescent moon shaped purse, they rest is still being silent on what to do with it LOL

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