Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death becomes her

Death Becomes Her
Here Lies Jenn, the fastest knitter of the NW.
Cause of death: Socks
Time of Death: 2:32 pm May 19, 2008

The death socks arrived here yesterday. It was a sweet death, and one I knew was coming so there were no surprises and plenty of time to say my farewells. In my box o' death I received one pair of nicely knit socks, alas too big for my narrow feet but promptly claimed by my neighbor so the socks shall live on, a bag of divine ghirardelli caramel chocolates, a magnet with a sheep knitting, a yummy scented candle, and a project bag for carrying around my socks in progress in.

The sad thing was I was *thisclose* to completing my second kill but was thwarted by death. So those socks are now working their way over to the east coast to be completed by a third person (my assassin) to kill my target, now her target.

Sock Wars was fun, despite some drama and major bumps in the road. I signed up for the next event: Death By Socks to start in June. I may join in in Sock Wars IV not sure yet. It was a joy working with a new yarn, getting to know the co-owner of a major online yarn shop and even getting hired by them to do some test knitting. So all in all it was a good time and great opportunity for me.

And no I will not tell you what I am doing in my afterlife or I may be committed for truly falling off the deep end ;)

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