Sunday, May 24, 2009

52 pair plunge!!

The 2nd annual 52 pair plunge is coming to a close. I haven't reached the goal but there is still time, and of course there is always the next round!

The 3rd annual 52 pair plunge begins June 1, 2009. This year I am one of the moderators along with 2 other new gals. We are looking forward not only to the challenge of hosting the plunge but in participating as well. I am hoping to get a design done that will be exclusive to the plungers and perhaps a prize package for the end of the plunge to the person who reaches the goal.

Til then, back to finishing up this years plunge ;)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I fell sooooo short this year on the Plunge. Such is life. I've loved so many of your socks over throughout the year! I''m excited to sign back up for this coming edition.