Friday, June 12, 2009

It'll be alright, right?

Pulled another disappearing act, but with good reason! I was returning from my vacation in SC, ooooh how I miss home, then getting ready for my husband to return from deployment. He returned June 3 and we have been catching up and talking about everything that has happened over the last 6 months.

Such as my wanting to go back to school. Scary, I know. I have been out of school for 12 years, so this is a bit of shock. Me? The person who doesn't believe in the institution of school wants to go back to it? Yup. There are compromises that have to be made and the biggest one comes to the children. Husband feels I won't be able to dedicate enough time to my own school if I am trying to home school the kids as well. I can see his point since the kids are usually all over me all day (and one of them all night) long. So we are going to work with the kids over the next 2 months to get them caught up to reading level and math level so they will be prepared for public school. I'm nervous about them going back to PS but I also know if I want to get my degree and work towards my goal I have to give somewhere.

In other knitting related news I am slowly catching up on my knitting. I still can't seem to find my mojo but I have designed a pretty sock and can't wait to release it June 21. July is WIP wrestlin month, that will be interesting with 3 sweaters, 1 top, 1 pair of gloves and 5 socks to catch up on. I wonder what I will actually manage to finish.

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Anonymous said...


I know this hasn't been an easy decision for you, and this is the first I've heard of it, but...just because they're in PS doesn't mean you're not in charge of their education. Consider it a supplement to what you'll continue to teach them when they get home. Kids learn more from home than they do at long as their parents talk to them, read to them, interact with them. Which I know you and Nate do.

It'll be alright love. ((hugs))