Friday, April 13, 2007

Some things I have been working on :)

I have been so busy the last few weeks! I knit a HUGE bowl and felted it to fit around a plant vase for my dad's SOs birthday. That bowl took forver to knit, the yarn was a bit scratchy but it felts so nicely.

Then i have been working on a spiral blanket for my friend Amber's nicu preemie. It's made from MCY superwash merino sock yarn. I love this yarn so much I foresee buying much much more in the future for socks!

I did another project too but it's a secret and partly will be revealed in my next post as a teaser for the April magic ball of yarn swap.

I knit up a panta today for my DD Rory who is in the process of dreading her hair and needed something to help hold them back. I am about to cast on Piggle from knitty for her as well.

I knit an adorable ribbed bag for myself, I just need to put the handles on it and sew in the fabric before i snap a picture.

And finally I am designing a pleated skirt in the round for Rhiannon. I'm not sure my idea will turn out how I want it but I'll never know if I don't get my fingers to work on that project.

OH! And I forgot I have 2 socks for ME OTN. One is a crazy cable pair with yarn from Annie in Canada from my first yarn ball swap. The other is a black rainbow sock dyed by midnight spectrum (she is on and I am using an altered version of a magknits pattern called shimmer.

Ok ok enough with the chat here are some pics ;)

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GoldieLocs said...

I would never think to knit a bowl. That's awesome. Great idea.