Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sam's Capri's

Jackson's mama wanted a pair of capri's for Jax's older sister Sam. She picked the best yarn, I am having a very hard time folding these up, putting them in an envelope and shipping them off LOL. Mosaic Moon kettle dyed Targhee is like, it's better than cashmere IMO. I tried a different crotch style, instead of kitchener grafting I did a 3 needle bind off. Aside from the seam inside it looks nearly identical to the kitchener on the outside of the pants, plus required much less thought to what i was doing, which in a houseful of 5 kids, doing kitchener can be harry at the best of times. I made the bottom look to be bellbottoms and added a crocheted picot trim and sweet lil ribbon accents for both the drawstring on the waist and on the bottom of the legs. I do home my friend likes these, ok who am I kidding, who wouldn't kill for these pants? They RAWK!

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GoldieLocs said...

Those are really cute pants.