Sunday, March 29, 2009


It was a beautiful day in Washington! It's true the sun does shine here, sometimes ;-) I have a lot of pictures I could share of our day today but I will try to narrow it done to my few favorites. We live out in the sticks, in a quiet neighborhood that is very large and has tons of places to explore. In our explorations we have found some gorgeous out of the way places for picture taking. Our first visit was to the "bike pit" which pretty much is what it sounds, but just beyond it is a beautiful tree right on the edge of the water. . . see here

I took about 80 various shots of the kids in this tree, group and single shots. From there we moved on to the "Little Lake" only we veered a bit off the path and went down to a stream from the lake that flows in to the pond behind that tree

After that (were I also took about 80 more pictures) we headed off to the old school style playground that seems to be lacking in useage so we take full advantage!

After a hard day of play we came home renewed, refreshed and enjoyed some orange jello and breakfast for dinner! Now I am trying to figure out how to use this here fancy schmancy Blogger Ap. I have added links to my 2 patterns available on Ravelry, which you can purchase directly from here if you do not have a Rav account, and BTW why don't you have a ravelry account?! As soon as can figure this all out I'll have images and what not going too but for now I'll just make seperate blog entries to show off each pattern :)

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