Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Not in marriage but in knitting. I have always been a polygamous type of knitter, flitting from one project on day A to a different project on day B and then back to project 1 on day C. Its always worked for me and kept me from becoming bored. My needle stash is nearly as large as my yarn stash for this very reason. Then one night, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I had my first panic attack over the amount of WIP's I had going as well as my list of must cast on now's. Why, I wondered? Could it be a sign I need to simplify my passion so that it really is more of a hobby rather than a taking over my life obsession? Possibly. I have knitted my way down my WIP pile. I now currently have 1 sock WIP and 1 crochet WIP, and a few hibernating UFO's I won't mention.

I haven't gotten bored, just more determined to finish one project before I begin another. It's a it weird and yet relaxing! To only think about the one project I have going rather than the 6 or 10 or however many crazy projects I get myself in to!

It also meant that this morning when my youngest was tossing cookies I was more able to focus on her and take care of her than if my brain was frazzled and flying a million miles a minute about how much time I was losing. Don't worry, the little Pixie is fine, just had a bit of the dry heaves this morning, it passed quickly and before I knew it she was back to her usual rambunctious boisterous singing and dancing self.

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